Spoon Sports Monoblock Caliper Set
Spoon Sports Monoblock Caliper Set Spoon Sports Monoblock Caliper Set

モノコックキャリパーセット 対向キャリパーは、型押し型に比べ本体剛性を高く設定できるため、引きずりトルク値が低くなることやパッドの片減りが無くなるなど優位性があります。モノコックキャリパーはモノブロック構造、金型精密鋳造法で、取り付けは一切の加工がなくボルトONで取り付けられ、前後ブレーキ配分やABSにもそのまま対応できます。また、使用するパッドはS2000純正同一形状、サイズで、ローターサイズは300mm、ローター厚26mmまで対応します。CL7,DC2,EK9、CR-Zにモノコックを装着する場合は、300mm t=26mmの専用ブレーキローター『45251-5H11416』をご用意しております。 


The Spoon Sports Monoblock Caliper provides several substantial advantages over stock brake calipers. The first is weight, the reduction in unsprung weight is considerable. Braking - of course is also improved, the single piston is replaced by four pistons of varying diameters, this allows a level of fine brake modulation that would be otherwise extremely difficult. Combined with the rigidity and fixed nature of the caliper, there is a very noticeable change in overall performance - not only in braking, but suspension function as well.

A 300x26mm (11.8") diameter brake rotor is required for use, for 5x114.3 bolt pattern applications such as CL7, DC2, EK9, CR-Z please use 45251-5H11416. These calipers are a direct fit for S2000.

The Spoon Sports Monoblock Calipers do protrude further out from the suspension toward the wheel when compared to stock calipers, and therefore wheel clearance may be compromised. Generally a small spacer is used, however please keep in mind that this may diminish tire to fender clearance. If you have any questions regarding wheel fitment please contact us.