EBC GD Sport Rotors (REAR)

All EBC rotors including GD Sport Rotors are British made and are precision machined in the UK. Rotors are made from high quality grey iron to exacting standards and undergo extensive testing and rigorous quality control. Slotted rotors can significantly improve brake performance and longevity when used with a matching high friction brake pad set. Having sold hundreds of thousands of brake kits EBC Brakes feel confident their approach is as perfect as it gets.

4x100 GD411 Applications:

Acura Integra 90-01 (Exc. Type-R)
Honda Civic Coupe EX (ABS) 93-95
Civic Coupe HX 96-01
Civic Hatchback (1.6L/ABS) 94-95
Civic Sedan (1.5L/ABS) 94-95
Civic Sedan (1.6L) 90-93
Civic Sedan EX/LX (ABS) 94-95
Civic Sedan (1.6L/ABS) 96-0
Del Sol VTEC 94-97
Del Sol (ABS) 95-97

4x114.3 GD559 Applications:

Acura CL (2.2L/3.0L) 1997.
Honda Accord Coupe (2.7L) 96-97
Accord Sedan (2.7L) 95-97
Accord Coupe (2.2L) 93-97
Accord Sedan (2.2L) 90-97
Accord Wagon (2.2L) 91-97

5x114.3 GD628 Applications:

NSX 91-96

5x114.3 GD7353 Applications:

NSX 97-05

5x114.3 GD1401 Applications

Acura RDX (2.3 Turbo) 07-12
RDX (3.5L) 2012-Up
Honda CR-V 05-Up

5x114.3 GD7128 Applications:

Integra Type R 97-01
Acura EL (Canada) 1.7L 01-05
RSX (Base) 02-06
Accord Coupe/Sedan (3.0L) 98-02
Civic Si 04-05

5x114.3 GD7145 Applications:

Acura Legend (3.2L) 91-95 (Incl. GS),
RL (3.5L) 96-98.
Honda Odyssey 95-99.

5x114.3 GD7146 Applications:

CL (3.2L) 01-03.

5x114.3 GD7157 Applications:

Acura RL 99-01

5x114.3 GD7176 Applications:

Acura RL 02-04

5x114.3 GD7194 Applications:

Acura TL 99-03

5x114.3 GD7199 Applications:

Acura TL (Automatic) 04-08
Honda Element 03-11

5x114.3 GD7209 Applications:

Acura TSX 04-08
Honda Accord Coupe/Sedan (2.4L/3.0L) 03-07(Exc. Hybrid)

4x114.3 GD7211 Applications:

Acura CL (2.3L/3.0L) 98-99
Honda Accord Coupe/Sedan (2.3L) 98-02

5x114.3 GD7258 Applications:

Acura RL 05-Up

5x114.3 GD7345 Applications:

Acura CSX (Canada) base model 06-11
Civic (1.8L) 06-Up

5x114.3 GD7423 Applications:

Acura MDX (3.5L) 00-06.
Pilot 03-08

5x114.3 GD7440 Applications:

Acura TSX (2.4L) 09-Up
TSX (3.5L) 2010-Up
Accord Coupe EX/LX (2.4L) 08-Up
Accord Coupe/Sedan (3.5L) 08-Up
Accord Sedan EX (2.4L w/11.1" Rear Rotors) 07-Up
Accord Sedan LX (2.4L) 08-Up
Accord Hybrid (3.0L) 05-07

5x114.3 GD7458 Applications:

Acura MDX (3.7L) 07-Up,
ZDX 2010-Up.
Pilot 09-Up.

5x114.3 GD7523 Applications:

Acura TL (3.5L) 09-Up
TL Type-S (3.7L) 09-Up