Spoon Sports Brake Rotors (FRONT)
Spoon Sports Brake Rotors (FRONT) Spoon Sports Brake Rotors (FRONT) Spoon Sports Brake Rotors (FRONT)
■スリットブレーキローター スプーンのブレーキロータースリットタイプは、介入時に異なる角度のスリットが回転する4本の直線スリットを採用し、スリットによるパッドの磨耗とジャダーの発生を抑えました。ローター面とパッド面を均一にし、ブレーキパッドの性を発揮、高温高負荷でも熱負荷が減り、ローターの倒れが少なくペダルフィーリングも良好です。材質はハイカーボンです。



Civic / Integra (4x100/4x114.3) - This rotor is used in conjunction with Spoon Twinblock calipers to allow for the use of Type R sizes brakes on Civics and Integras originally equipped with smaller brakes. This rotor measures 11.1" and may be used with Twinblock calipers or genuine Type R calipers. This rotor is also drilled to 4x114.3 and may be used on the "96 spec" Integra Type R as a drop in replacement rotor.

S2000 - A flap-type cast metal brake rotor proven in the tracks and as well as ideal in street driving. Designed for strength and cooling performance. Holes are cast molded, NOT cross-drilled.

Civic Type R/ Integra Type R - (5x114.3) linear slit brake rotors provides 4 angles of contact to the pad to prevent uneven wear. Heat is evenly dispersed from the surface to prevent brake fade. Produced using high carbon metals. Designed for use with Twin Block Caliper. Measures 11.1"