Spoon Sports Brake Pads (FRONT)
Spoon Sports Brake Pads (FRONT) Spoon Sports Brake Pads (FRONT)

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Spoon Sports brake pads are normally special order from Japan. ETA once ordered is usually 3 months. 


Pad compound minimizes resin outgassing, for fade resistant operation.
Wide heat range allows for sufficient low temperature operation 
Similar wear attributes as OEM components despite higher friction
Rotor wear is minimized as much as possible.

These features are made possible by considering and developing not only the pad compound, but even the material used in the backing plates. Not only designed for maximum stopping power, but also linear functionality and control under cornering. The optimum operating temperature is between 0 and 400 degrees Celsius , which yields a average friction coefficient of 0.32 to 0.38. These specifications translate into a pad that is very user friendly on the street in real world conditions, and potent on the track.