Hawk Sector 27 Quiet Slot Rotors (REAR)

Hawk Performance rotors usually ship in 2-3 weeks.

Hawk Performance, known worldwide for developing friction materials that dominate on the race track and for increasing brake performance on the street with advanced brake pad compounds is elevating the friction performance industry yet again with the introduction of the new Sector 27 high performance brake rotors. Hawk Performance products are on more than 70% of the cars racing in leading race series such as the SCCA and NASA. The race track is the testing ground. The testing and data taken from the track is then transformed into new products.

Carrying the number of legends requires legendary performance, the technology and manufacturing of these rotors deliver that. The new Sector 27 Rotors are a drilled and slotted design; the beveled drilled holes provide superior cooling under the most extreme conditions. The slots are rounded which provides consistent contact between the rotor and pad while also sweeping away gas and dust; the result is a high performance rotor that enables harder, more precise braking with temperatures lowered by as much as 180 degrees. To ensure long life and to reduce rust, Sector 27 Rotors are plated with silver zinc. These elements are combined with a very precise manufacturing process ensuring each and every rotor fits perfectly and is balanced to stringent specifications.

Hawk offers the Sector 27 Quiet Slot rear rotors for the following applications:

Integra 90-01 (All, Exc. Type-R)
Honda Civic Coupe Si 99-00
Civic Coupe EX 93-95
Civic H/B Si 92-95
Civic Sedan EX 92-96
Civic Sedan LX/EX 94-95 (w/ABS)
CRX Si 90-91
Del Sol Si/VTEC 93-97
Prelude Si 88-91 (Incl. 4WS)

Honda Civic Si 02-03

Acura CL (2.3L/3.0L) 98-99
Honda Accord Coupe DX (4-Cyl) 98-02
Accord Coupe EX (4-Cyl) 93-02
Accord Coupe EX (V6) 93-97
Accord Coupe LX (4-Cyl) 93-02
Accord Sedan EX (4-Cyl) 94-02
Accord Sedan EX (V6) 95-97
Accord Sedan LX (4-Cyl) 90-02
Accord Sedan LX (V6) 95-97
Accord Sedan SE (4-Cyl) 91 & 93

Acura Integra Type-R 97-01
RSX 02-06 (Incl. Type-S)
Accord Coupe/Sedan LX/EX (V6) 98-07
Accord Coupe/Sedan LX/EX (4-Cyl) 03-07
Accord Coupe (V6 Hybrid) 06-07
Civic H/B Si 04-05