TWS Motorsport T66-F
TWS Motorsport T66-F TWS Motorsport T66-F TWS Motorsport T66-F
TWS is a new-generation premium brand of TAN-EI-SYA forged wheel. It is a comprehensive brand of advanced forged wheel products.

Always seeking the Next Generation, TWS wheel conducts research and development of new materials. For example, those under development for use with heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses etc. The new material has greater durability, good stretch performance and bends less in conparison to the current material, 6061-T6. To bring this product to market and to utilize its advantages, we have conducted repeated tests in the severe conditions of motorsport. TWS brand wheels have the advantage of premium quality in addition to light weight and superior rigidity. The quality is far higher than that of a cast wheel. With the forging method, the texture of the metal is super refined. Performance and beauty are what makes TWS brand wheels more special.