Tanabe Sustec DF210 Super Low Down Springs

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Sustec DF210
Super Low Down Form
The perfect drop. An ideal balance

The DF210 coil spring offers a large drop , while retaining superb ride quality characteristics. The springs rate is raised 10-15% to compensate for the shortened amount of suspension travel, without over-stiffening the spring rate and affecting ride quality and shock lifespan.

Sustec 210 Technology: DF210 Lowdown Spring
All Tanabe coil springs feature SUSTEC 210 Technology. Sustec 210 Technology is a series of manufacturing methods developed to create a stronger, thinner, and lighter spring using only high tensile steel, without additional elements that could affect quality, durability, or price. 

"210" stands for 2100n/m of tensile strength, which is the highest strength ever achieved in a coil spring. The Tanabe Shiga factory in Japan is home to some of the most advanced, unique coil spring machines and processes in the world.

Quick Points
Lowering: EXCELLENT (Drops of up to 2.5" are available)
Comfort: VERY GOOD (Spring rate is raised no more than 10-15%)
Performance: GOOD (Lower center of gravity)