Stack ST700 Display Tachometers
Stack ST700 Display Tachometers Stack ST700 Display Tachometers Stack ST700 Display Tachometers Stack ST700 Display Tachometers Stack ST700 Display Tachometers
The STACK ST700 combines the most critical facets of vaunted Stack Race Display into a tidy package, built with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as the legendary original. With technology derived from decades of Formula experience, the Stack ST700 provides a comprehensive monitoring solution, displaying engine RPM, speed, system voltage, odometer, tripmeter, and acceleration timers (1/4 Mile and 0-60, and user selectable rolling speeds) as standard. An in-built sequential shift life and the ability to enable lap timing and two configurable inputs for either temperature or pressure via optional accessories gives the driver a remarkable amount of information in ever the tightest quarters.

Intelligent Alarm System
Intelligent alarms are provided on all monitored parameters. Alarm levels are adjustable to suit individual requirements.

Configurable Inputs
The ST700 system features two user configurable analogue channels. Each channel can be set up for Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, Air Temperature, Axle Temperature, Gear Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel pressure or Boost pressure.

*Sensors must be ordered separately, choose between standard and solid state sensor options. These new optional sensors are small, lightweight, provide high accuracy and offer exceptionally reliability.

Lap Timing System
The lap timing receiver plugs into the standard dash wiring harness. When the vehicle passes the track side beacon the lap time "pops up" on the graphic display with an accuracy of 1/100th of a second.

Lap & Split Time Memory
This feature records 75 Lap and Split Times (if Split Timing is activated) and helps drivers evaluate their consistency.

The speedometer can be configured by the user for different tire sizes and to display speed in either MPH or km/ h.

Performance Upgrade
The Performance upgrade consists of the Split Time system and the Straight and Corner Speed readout options. Whilst on track the split time features tells the driver of his time to reach two distance markers every lap, whilst the corner speed readout displays the minimum speed in each turn.

Key Features
- 4 pattern Sequential Shift light
User configurable analogue channels
Peak Value Tell-Tales on all parameters
Supplied with mounting bracket, switch kit, separate professional wiring
Looms and manual included
Adjustable White LED back-lighting level
Fully sealed against water and dust
1 year competition warranty
For all negative earth ignition systems
Odometer and Trip Meter
Acceleration Timer (1/4 Mile, 0-60, user programmable rolling speeds)