Spoon Sports Upper Arm Gusset Plates for S2000
ガゼットプレート 特に、幅広のSタイヤなどを使用するとアッパーアームの車体側取り付け部が動く為に、操縦性が悪影響を及ぼし、最悪の場合は車体側取り付け部の溶接部分がはがれるなどのトラブルも起こる可能性が高いです。

In modified S2000s fitted with wide "R compound" tires, flex can be seen in the front upper control arm pick up points. This flex can result in unwanted movement in the upper control arm and at worst, separation from the chassis may occur. In later models, Honda addressed this issue by reinforcing the pick up points - however Spoon Sports has taken this concept one step further. By developing their own gusset plates, Spoon Sports has found the ideal balance between rigidity and durability. Please choose the application in the drop down menu above.