Spoon Sports S-Tai Rear Diffuser for S2000
Fits all S2000 model years. Carbon Fiber Construction. Designed to fit on the S-Tai Rear Bumper but will fit AP1 or AP2 rear bumpers with some modifications.

The Spoon rear diffuser smooths airflow underneath the rear bumper to reduce drag and produce downforce.


Spoon Sports has been a regular contestant in endurance racing with the S2000 since it's introduction in 1999, and since then - have been constantly developing new aerodynamic components to improve upon the potent S2000. Important Especially in long distance races, maximizing two points - speed and efficiency allowed Spoon to do as well as they did. The S-Tai aero improves efficiency by allowing the engine to operate as cool as possible for long periods of time, while delivering as much cool air to the intake charge - improving engine output.