Spoon Sports Rigid Collar Kits
Spoon Sports Rigid Collar Kits Spoon Sports Rigid Collar Kits




P5 エンジンを載せたサブフレームは油圧リフトで押し上げられ振動しながら流れてくるボディに組まれます。ここでの組み立て時間は数秒しかありません。


Rigid Collars are designed to take up any slop between the chassis, subframe and subframe mounting bolts. In mass production vehicles, the holes in the subframe where the bolts attach the subframe to the chassis are larger than the bolts by around 2mm. The reason for this is to make the manufacturing process quicker, by allowing a bit of "give" when lining up the subframe to the chassis. Though this does not create any issues with alignment during normal use, under high load operation the subframe may shift slightly - changing alignment settings. The rigidity of the chassis itself can also be improved by tying in the subframe to the chassis with lower tolerances. The Spoon Sports Rigid Collars take up any of this slack by sandwiching between the countersunk holes in the chassis as well as the bolt hole in the subframe, and bracing itself against the original bolt which is mounted within the Rigid Collar. Subframe to chassis alignment is set with little to no tolerance for movement, and overall chassis rigidity is improved. 

Note: Rigid Collar kits are often special order from Japan with 2-3 month ETA