Spoon Sports Heat Barrier Tape

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In FF platforms, exhaust manifold routing is generally limited to under the engine - bringing exhaust heat very close to the oil pan. This leads to inevitable heat transfer from the exhaust gasses to the exhaust manifold, and finally to the oil pan and it's contents - the oil, hotter oil means a drop in viscosity. Simply applying the Spoon Sports heat barrier tape will minimize heat transfer from the exhaust manifold to the oil pan. 

In FR platforms, the exhaust manifold routing brings heat close to brake and clutch master cylinders, although a heat shield is usually incorporated by the vehicle manufacturer - heat transfer can be further minimized by applying the Spoon Sports heat barrier tape to the affected areas - or simply on the original heat shield. 

サイズ:200mm x 300mm
Dimensions: 7.9" x 11.8"