Spoon Sports Engine and Transmission Mount Set

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量産の液封エンジンマウントを、同形状で硬度を上げた実ラバータイプに変更。硬度は55から70へと変更し、バネ定数も6から14kgf・mmへと変更。 交換することで、シャープな操縦特性が得られます。また心配されるアイドル領域での不快なバイブレーションもほとんど発生しません。


量産のエンジンマウントを、同形状で限界値まで硬度を上げました。 交換することで、シャープな操縦特性が得られます。また心配されるアイドル領域での不快なバイブレーションもほとんど発生しません。

Most Hondas come equipped with hydraulic fluid filled engine mounts, while they are great for isolating the chassis from engine vibration - they are inherently soft and allow the engine some movement. The Spoon Sports engine mounts are of the same dimensions and quality as OEM mounts but constructed completely of rubber, which allows for a very direct feel in throttle response and less movement in the engine bay. Despite less isolation from the chassis, noise and vibration felt by the driver is minimal. The transmission mounts are also reinforced, for the S2000 - a unused genuine Honda transmission mount bracket is used, however it is boxed in for more rigidity. For those who want even further stiffening of S2000 engine mounts, the use of Spoon Sports engine mount rings are recommended.