Spoon Sports Carbon Air Duct
耐久レース中に、エンジンパワーフィールが悪化する現象が発生しました。原因は①吸気温度が上がり、②水温上昇によって補正機能が働くことがわかりました。 そこで、バンパー部分より強制的に吸入するダクトを設け、大型アルミラジエターに交換しテストしてみたところ、パワーダウンなどのエンジンフィールに変化はなくなりました。S-Taiボンネット、バンパー専用品です。

During endurance racing, Spoon noticed that engine output would gradually decrease - with some additional testing they concluded that the cause was rising air temperature. As air temperature rises, density decreases - causing a rich condition which detracts from the engine's potential to operate at full efficiency. This condition, coupled with rising water temperature causes the ECU to pull timing in order to save the engine from damage. Spoon developed this air duct as a way to channel cool outside air to the airbox, keeping the intake air as cool and dense as possible. Combined with an aluminum radiator, this part was tested yet again in an endurance race - where no sign of engine output decreasing was recorded.

This duct is meant to be used in conjunction with the Spoon S-Tai hood and front bumper - will not fit other hoods and bumper without modification.