Spoon Sports Aero Rear Bumper for S2000
Spoon Sports Aero Rear Bumper for S2000 Spoon Sports Aero Rear Bumper for S2000


Spoon has been developing aerodynamic components for the S2000 since 2007, and has demonstrated their aptitude in this field thoroughly, especially in the Super Taikyu series. However, they have decided to take their development one step further and try their hand at beating themselves. This aero rear bumper is the product of the second stage of development.

While appearing minimalistic, this new design has proven itself to outperform the original design.  The main reason for this performance edge comes from this bumper's ability to control the amount of air passing under, and over the bumper. Adding downforce was a priority of course, however attaining the perfect balance between downforce and minimization of drag is what defines the engineering behind this part. 

The added downforce allows you to maximize the use of the engine's power, by allowing for a faster mid corner and exit speed - especially useful in series that don't allow or require minimal engine modification, where the ability to open the throttle a fraction of a second sooner can determine the victor. The byproduct of this ability is also improved fuel economy.

Designed using state of the art CFD analysis, every revision was studied in conjunction with a model of the entire car - as a change made to the bumper could affect airflow in a completely unrelated section of the car. 

Available in a white gel coated FRP.