Rywire T1 Cam Trigger Kit - B series

The Rywire T1 Cam trigger kit allows you to convert from the factory Honda mag sensors in the distributor to a more precise digital signal from this sensor. 

Many aftermarket ECU's read Hall signal much better than they do the OEM signal from the distributor. Often smoother idle and much smoother power at high rpm can be noticed by utilizing this kit. This also allows complete removal of the factory distributor when a multi channel CDI box and individual coils are used, however this kit is also compatible with the OEM single channel ignition box & the distributor.

Another option that this kit allows you to take advantage of is a setup consisting of 3 wire smart coils and no CDI box. These signals are on the input side of the ecu, while the ignition system is on the output. Any combination of ignition box/coils will work.

This kit consists of:
- 1 Golden Eagle cam gear that's been machined & custom fit with rare earth magnets installed in it.

- 1 Dual Pole hall sensor & it's mating connector.

- Billet sensor bracket

- Installation instructions.

This cannot be used with a stock computer.