Rywire Mil-Spec Tucked S2000 harness
The Rywire S2k F-Series (S2000 F20 & F22C Engine) Wire Harness offers Mil-Spec Teflon coated wire using standard factory wire colors with a maximum heat rating of 200°C . The Teflon coated wire is loomed with The highest quality Raychem DR-25 heat shrink covering, and adhesive lined wire junctions to keep moisture out. Each brand new connector is crimped with pneumatic heads to ensure an OEM crimp every time, then tagged with a yellow identification label for easy installation. All heavy interference circuits are protected and grounded with proper wire covering.

All Rywire Mil-Spec harnesses are 100% quality tested pin to pin, and resistance checked to ensure no voltage fluctuations.

Harness Connector List:

• Oil Pressure Sending Unit
• Knock Sensor
• Intake Air Temperature (Intake Manifold Style)
• Oxygen Sensor (Primary 4 Wire)
• Alternator
• 2 Extra Wires
• Injector 1-4
• MAP Sensor
• TPS (Throttle position)
• Coils 1-4
• Electronic Speed Sensor
• Ground
• Fan Switch
• Cam Intake
• Cam Exhaust
• Reverse Lights
• Engine Coolant Temp
• Starter Signal
• VTEC Solenoid
• ECU Plugs B & C
• Power Distribution Cap

Optional Adapters and Jumper Harnesses:

Charge Harness

Separated Charge Harness

Ground Kit