Rywire Cam / Crank Trigger Replacement Parts - B series

This product as a KIT has been discontinued by RyWire. Replacement parts for this are available but the cam gear with magnet installed is no longer available for purchase. 

This trigger kit allows the use of two engine position sensors - one camshaft position sensor and one crankshaft position sensor, and as such includes brackets to mount the two hall effect cam and crank positioning sensors. The Golden Eagle Cam Gear with magnet installed is included.

Included in the kit:
- Golden eagle cam gear (magnet installed)
- Hall effect cam sensor
- Cam sensor bracket
- Hall effect crank sensor
- Crank sensor bracket
- Hardware
- Sensor data sheet
- Mating connectors
- Mating connector wiring diagrams

You will need a 99-00 Civic Si (US market) oil pump and crank wheel for this kit. As the crank sensor picks up the 12 tooth wheel.

Rywire B-Series Cam & Crank Trigger Kit Instructions

To install and setup the Trigger Kit with your AEM ECU refer to Page 7 on, of this AEM installation instruction for their COP Kit, It covers all the settings you need to know!