PCI Spherical Front Upper Control Arms

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Front upper spherical control arms
3/16 steel arms
high strength class 12.9 hardware
powder coated


CNC machined heat treated adjustable spherical bearing block
CNC machined heat treated stainless steel high misalignment 45 degree spacers
Zinc plated 3/16 steel super stiff zero flex arms
Fine thread 10 mm 10.9 grade hardware


Reduces tire temperature and tire wear
Improved cornering, braking throttle response
Adjustable camber
Adjustable camber +1.5/- 2.5 degrees /caster +2/-0 degrees (must offset bushings)
Allows for more precise suspension tuning
Reduces wheel alignment changes
Very stiff 3/16 steel arms eliminating unwanted arm flex
Long lasting maintenance free and fully rebuild-able