J's Racing Widebody Aero System Type GT for S2000
J's Racing Widebody Aero System Type GT for S2000 J's Racing Widebody Aero System Type GT for S2000

The J's Racing Type GT Widebody Aero System was developed to transform the already potent S2000 into something more akin to that of a Super GT or Super Silhouette race car.

Although this aero system will allow the use of much wider tires and a wider track altogether, that was not the sole objective. The aero system works as a whole to create optimal aerodynamic properties, using the tremendous amount of data gathered over years of racing. From the front bumper, to each fender, side skirt and the rear bumper – the entire system is designed to minimize drag while the entire profile of the car creates downforce.

The nose is elongated, often referred to as a “long nose”, reducing drag by reducing any vertical planes – which create wind resistance. Simultaneously, the under panel of the front spoiler (splitter) generates substantial downforce at speed. The front spoiler also acts as a duct to channel air through the radiator into the engine bay to draw hot air out, exiting from the fenders – which also creates a low pressure area within the wheel wells, cooling brake and reducing turbulence by the wheels. The rear fenders function in the same fashion, allowing turbulent air trapped within the rear wheel wells to exit. The rear bumper features large cut outs to reduce any parachuting effect while acting as a rear diffuser, creating downforce.

Both the full FRP and FRP with Carbon Fiber versions are constructed of specifically chosen cross-mat fibers, instead of using a typical mat – the cross-mat allows for a stronger product for increased rigidity and reduces weight. The cross-mat also cures into a smoother finish – even on the back side of each part, allowing for smoother air flow into and out of each duct and vent.

Front fenders are widened 60mm per side.
Rear fenders are widened 75mm per side.

Sold separately as optional equipment.
Vented Hood,
Carbon Fiber Trunk,
Aero Mirrors,
Air Intake Duct,
Brake Duct,
GT Wing,