HYBRID RACING K-Series Swap Tucked Fuel Line Kit

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The Hybrid Racing Tucked fuel line kit was designed for those people looking to clean up their engine bay and eliminate the OEM fuel filter off of the firewall.

The kit routes the fuel lines between the number 2 and number 3 runners on the intake manifold and hugs the transmission as it makes its way to the regulator which you will mount below the brake booster.

This kit only works with the Hybrid Racing Fuel rail which has the necessary port in the center of the rail.

K-Series engines are designed to operate with a return-less fuel systems, meaning the fuel pressure regulator is inside of the fuel tank and has only one line leading to the engine. In most cases, the chassis that are popular with K series engine swaps (in this case EG,EK,DC) utilize a return system. In order to have the engine run correctly, you will need to convert the K-Series engine to operate on a return system. Although there is only one line going to the rail, this kit is still a return type system since the pressure is still regulated before it goes back to the tank.

This kit fits: 92-00 Civic / Del Sol & 94-01 Acura Integra

Included in this kit are four lines, adapter fittings and an inline fuel filter. The lines are only offered in black nylon.  

Each Hybrid Racing product comes with a money back guarantee. 

• Black Hybrid Racing Inline Filter Included
• Fuel Line Kit for K-Series Conversions in EG/EK/DC Chassis.
• -6AN stainless lines with all necessary fittings.
• Pressure Tested and Assembled by Aeromotive Authorized Dealer.
• Hybrid Racing Money Back Guarantee