HYBRID RACING K-Series Swap Air Conditioning Line Kits

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The Hybrid Racing K-Swap air conditioning conversion kit was designed to allow you to retain AC when installing a K-series engine into the EG/EK Honda Civic and DC Integra.
The Hybrid Racing AC Kit is manufactured by a registered QS-9000/ISO 9002 company that has provided aluminum and steel tube assemblies to Japanese, American and European automakers since 1976. Each Kit is bent, crimped and brazed utilizing precise measurements and requirements provided by Hybrid Racing.

The AC kit comes with 4 custom AC lines, mounting brackets used to mount the AC condenser, all necessary wiring, O-rings for all lines.


You will need to keep 3 of your OEM lines as outlined in the install guide, You will need a condenser from a 96-00 Civic, the pressure switch from your stock 92-93 Civic condenser and the mounting bushings from your OEM condenser. You will also need to purchase a High-performance Slim Fan. In addition, you will need a compressor from a K20A, A2, A3 or K20Z1 engine.

This system is designed around R134A, LEFT HAND DRIVE CARS ONLY.

You will need to hook up the compressor, the fan and a switch for the compressor to kick on and off. The instructions cover this in detail for an easy installation

Compatible with a 96-00 Civic condenser

If you do not plan on keeping power steering you will need to purchase a K20A3 02-05 Civic Si K20A3 pulley setup and belt. If you plan on running PS you can use a stock K20A/A2/Z1 belt.