HYBRID RACING F/H-Series Transmission to K-Series Shifter & Cable Conversion Bracket

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Allows the use of a RSX shifter such as the Hybrid Racing RSX Short Shifter, in Hybrid Racing's own words:

"In early 2012, we were pointed to a thread on Honda-Tech asking if our K-Series shifter and cables would work on an H-Series transmission. (You can read the thread 
HERE ) The user was planning on doing an H-Series engine swap and wanted to use something other than the traditional OEM H-Series shifter. The OEM shifter often contributes to miss shifts and doesn't typically give the performance feel that a driver is hoping for in a car with an engine swap. Since a simple bracket was all that was required to make our performance RSX shifter compatible with an h-swap, we decided to make the part available to him and all other h-swappers."

This bracket replaces your OEM H-Series cast aluminum bracket. It allows the use of any shifter and linkage designed around the RSX platform. When used in conjunction with the Hybrid Racing shifter and cables, you'll see improved shifts and tons of adjustability. As an added bonus, you'll no longer need to cut your chassis to run the H-Series box and cables. The Hybrid Racing shifter works with most older Honda and Acura chassis that use a solid shift linkage.

In almost every customer's experience, switching from the OEM equipment to any combination of Hybrid Racing bushings, cables, and shifter has led to improved shift feel, reduced grinding and mis-shifts, as well as more responsiveness in the transmission. The cables and shifter together typically result in the ability to shift at higher RPM's without the grinding and stiff engagement that would normally make this impossible. This is all attributed to the reduction in compliance (elasticity) of both the cables and shifter. This is the result of thicker cores in Hybrid Racing cables, as well as the use of metal in Hybrid Racing cables and shifters where the original parts from Honda/Acura used plastic.

Note that this bracket require the use of a shift linkage and shifter that are compatible with an RSX. Any combination of OEM RSX shifters/shift linkages or Hybrid Racing Performance RSX (including k-swap) shifters/shift linkages will work.

• Allows use of RSX shifter and linkage on H-Swap.
• Allows use of Hybrid Racing Bolt-In K-Swap Shifter and Cables.
• Improved performance over OEM H-Series cables and shifter.
• Carbon steel construction with durable powder coat finish.