GReddy Radiator Breather Tank

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Designed originally for racing engines, today’s compact production engines can also benefit from the used of GReddy’s Radiator Breather (Bleed) Tank.  The air in the radiator causes over heating. The GReddy Breather Tank removes the air in cooling system. By the fluid swirl in the tank, Breather Tanks separate coolant from the air and will contribute to the radiator’s efficiency.

1x Aluminum Radiator Breather Tank
1x High Pressure Radiator Cap
(1.3kg/cm2 - Type S)
2x Seal Caps (Type S & N)
2x GReddy Cap Badges
2m 8mm Dia. clear silicone hose
2x optional 8mm hose fittings
1x 8mm cap
6x hose clamps
1x mounting bracket
4x bolt, nut, washer sets