Fastline Performance Shifter

Note (11/4/19): Currently on backorder with no ETA. Please email us at orders@battlecraft-parts for possible updates. 

After over 2 years in development, the Fastline Performance Shifter provides better shifting than the competition. Designed from scratch to be the best shifter possible, it has features unlike any other aftermarket shifter available. From the ergonomic design that just falls into your hands, to the very first ultra-smooth shift, it is clear that this is not just another short shifter. In fact, this shifter was designed specifically to maintain the exact same ratio as the stock shifter. The shifter certainly does not look stock, but the shift feel and throw is 100% like the stock shifter while bringing the shift knob closer to the steering wheel.

The most striking features are the s-bend and extreme height compared to stock. The s-bend places the shift knob in a full upright and ergonomic position, not cocked away from or toward the driver like the stock and short shifters "single bend" shifters. The extreme height places the shifter right next to and even with the steering wheel, providing the proper position for the driver to concentrate on driving the car, not reaching for the shifter. When you are better able to control the vehicle and shift more effectively your track times improve. Imagine how many hundreds of times you shift during a race. Now imagine saving valuable time with EVERY shift! 

Finally, the Road Race Performance Shifter shifts very smoothly and accurately - due to the use of expensive Delrin bushings. Delrin resists abrasion and impacts, has high stiffness and tensile strength, high fatigue endurance, mechanical resilience, wear resistance, and is not affected by temperature or humidity. It also has excellent insulating characteristics, which helps it absorb road and engine vibrations. It will not rattle or cause rpm resonation like the "roller blade" bearings found in short shifters.