EBC BSD Hi-Carbon Blade Rotors (REAR)

Blade Sport Discs from EBC Brakes are 100% British made using GG15HC Hi Silicone and Hi Carbon cast iron alloy which has many features and benefits. The initial launch range of BLADE DISCS is listed below comprising a range which covers 80% of the European vehicle market for sport brakes. These brake discs are designed to stop faster and run cooler with less thermal distortions plus great looks.

4x100 BSD411 Applications:

Acura Integra 90-01 (Exc. Type-R)
Honda Civic Coupe EX (ABS) 93-95
Civic Coupe HX 96-01
Civic Hatchback (1.6L/ABS) 94-95
Civic Sedan (1.5L/ABS) 94-95
Civic Sedan (1.6L) 90-93
Civic Sedan EX/LX (ABS) 94-95
Civic Sedan (1.6L/ABS) 96-01
Del Sol VTEC 94-97
Del Sol (ABS) 95-97

5x114.3 BSD7209 Applications:

Acura TSX 04-08
Honda Accord Coupe/Sedan (2.4L/3.0L) 03-07(Exc. Hybrid)

5x114.3 BSD7128 Applications:

Integra Type R 97-01
Acura EL (Canada) 1.7L 01-05
RSX (Base) 02-06
Accord Coupe/Sedan (3.0L) 98-02
Civic Si 04-05

5x114.3 BSD7146 Applications:

CL (3.2L) 01-03.

5x114.3 BSD7345 Applications:

Acura CSX (Canada) base model 06-11
Civic (1.8L) 06-Up

5x114.3 BSD7194 Applications:

Acura TL 99-03

5x114.3 BSD7199 Applications:

Acura TL (Automatic) 04-08
Honda Element 03-11

5x114.3 BSD7440 Applications:

Acura TSX (2.4L) 09-Up
TSX (3.5L) 2010-Up
Accord Coupe EX/LX (2.4L) 08-Up
Accord Coupe/Sedan (3.5L) 08-Up
Accord Sedan EX (2.4L w/11.1" Rear Rotors) 07-Up
Accord Sedan LX (2.4L) 08-Up
Accord Hybrid (3.0L) 05-07