TODA Racing Free Adjusting Cam Sprockets (K20A)
TODA Racing Free Adjusting Cam Sprockets (K20A) TODA Racing Free Adjusting Cam Sprockets (K20A)

Since being established in 1971, TODA RACING has been involved in motorsport through many different projects including engine development and the in-house manufacturing of motorsport parts. Since that time TODA RACING has continued to expand, to where it now manufactures in-house both motors and inverters. Designs, builds and supplies various test stands. As well as developing and providing services for prototypes and R&D vehicle builds. All of which have many satisfied customers. TODA RACING is about removing standard conventions to help push forward, with the motto of "Transforming Automotive Dreams into Reality."

K20A intake cam sprockets come in 4 variations. Each cam sprocket is sold separately. Please use the chart provided to choose the correct sprocket for your application. Exhaust sprocket use is the same.

For FIXED INTAKE (VTC KILLER) cam sprocket:

The freedom of movement found in the VTC (Variable Timing Control) of the STD K20A can cause problems. Toda Racing has redesigned the sprockets removing the original VTC function, and replaced it with a tunable but locking timing system.

For VTC CONTROL cam sprocket:

The K20A VTC (Variable Timing Control) is designed to work with the standard pistons and camshafts. If used with either high lift camshafts and/or high compression pistons, the standard VTC and standard ECU settings may cause the valves to come close or in some cases touch the piston. Retaining the VTC system for the advancing of any high lift cam brings benefits to low end power and low speed drivability. Though even when the ECU is able to control the amount of advance that the cam can rotate through, it is difficult to know precisely how far the VTC has actually advanced. With tuned engines the full amount of advance can lead to no or very little clearance. TODA Racing has designed a range of mechanically limiting advancing cam-sprockets to prevent over advancing of the intake camshaft. Please choose from the range below the cam-sprocket which suits your particular application.

VTC Operating Range Reference Data
*Piston to valve clearance IN: 1.5mm and EX: 2.0mm
*With stock EX cam pully or TODA adjustable cam sprocket at the center position.

The information will be affected by the engine modification (cylinder block or head milling) and valve timing. Please be sure to have enough clearance with VTEC high lift cam.

*** No milling in cylinder head and block, 0.6mm head gasket ***

Piston Camshaft
A2 A3 C D E F
Stock 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 35 degs 35 degs
TODA High Comp 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs
TODA High Comp
30 degs 30 degs 30 degs - - -
TODA 2150 KIT 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs
TODA High Comp
40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs 40 degs
TODA 84mm Short Stroke KIT 35 degs 35 degs 30 degs 30 degs 30 degs -


Notes: Depending on our inventory, TODA Racing Cam Pulleys may ship directly from Japan. Please allow 7-14 business days for your orders to process.