EVS Tuning SL48 Titanium Lug Nuts

Each set comes with 20 lug nuts.

EVS Tuning titanium lug nuts are CNC machined and weigh only 24 grams per lug nut. The lugs are then torched by hand to create a blue gradient finish. These lugs are 45mm in length from top to bottom. These lugs can be installed and removed by using a regular 17mm hex socket.

- CNC-machined titanium construction
- 48mm in length (top to bottom)
- Weighs only 24g per lug nut
- 17mm hexagonal slim shaft
- Conical tapered seating

Please specify size.
M12 x 1.5 application: Fits Hondas, Acuras, Toyotas, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi etc.
M12 x 1.25 application: Fits Subarus, Nissans, etc.