Buddy Club Spec IV Camshafts
Buddy Club Spec IV Camshafts Buddy Club Spec IV Camshafts

This product has been discontinued by Buddy Club. The page is intentionally left for reference purposes.

Using the data gathered from over 20 years of racing experience, the Buddy Club Racing Spec IV Camshaft for B-Series engines are the ideal street/track camshafts. Utilizing Buddy Club's patent pending lobe forming technology from Spec III Plus cams for low and mid range power, the Spec IV increases the maximum lift to 12.3mm to give it an extra edge in high end power.

Buddy Club Spec IV cams are made with chilled cast cores to increase strength and optimize primary and VTEC lobes. The Spec IV was designed to accommodate a serious motor.

High performance for high compression!

- Ideal for street and track
- 12.3mm lift for extra high end power
- Patent pending lobe forming technology for low to midrange torque.
- Provides smooth constant power throughout the power band
- Buddy Club high compression valves, valve springs and retainer set highly  recommended

Cam lift:
Intake - 12.3mm
Exhaust - 11.8mm
Intake - 306
Exhaust - 302

37 BTDC (1mm OPEN) 52 ABDC (1mm OPEN)
62 BBDC (1mm OPEN) 32 ATDC (1mm OPEN)

V/C IN .007 EX .008