Buddy Club Racing Spec Heads Gaskets for B-series
Increased horsepower means increased cylinder pressure. These special metal reinforced Buddy Club head gaskets are designed to withstand the extreme temperature and cylinder pressure of an ultra high output engine. Buddy club selected stainless for the material of the gasket, which it is possible to cool down the cylinder effectively by transferring heat to the cylinder head equally with the high thermal conductivity of stainless. And as it does not retain heat in sections, but uniformly throughout the entire gasket, there is less risk of detonation. Since intensity of stainless steel is high, it can make the joint rigidity of the cylinder head and the engine block high and prevents gasket leakes. A strong junction between the cylinder head and block can reduce twisting movement in the entire engine, aiding in increasing reliability as well as power transmission.

Available in two thicknesses: 2.0mm for lowering compression ratio - best suited for forced induction, as well as 0.5mm for raising compression ratio - best suited for natural aspirated engines. Please select thickness above.