Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper
Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper Buddy Club Racing Spec Damper
Racing Spec Damper is the complete suspension kit with resemblance of P-1 racing damper's excellent designs while it is tuned for circuit and street use. However, the car specific pillow-ball upper mount design, proper spring rate, 15 level damper adjustment, and height adjustment capabilities accommodates driver's requests.

Racing Spec Damper Kit is a high performance sports suspension kit designed by engineers using a vast quantity of data that Buddy Club has accumulated in the past 15 years using its high performance aluminum damper (ie. spec 30.1 Racing Damper) on various racing cars and tuned cars, focused more on the proper damper size, spring rate, dampening, stroke length for customer's use in winding roads and race tracks.

Racing Spec Dampers inherited the same great quality of the P-1 racing damper. Each Racing Spec Damper is made with special components and are tested and produced with out compromise. Each damper are assembled by skilled engineers to provide the best quality possible.

[ 1. Adjustment bracket ]
With an adoption of a adjustable bracket the ideal low position can be achieved without any use of helper spring. One rotation, approximately 2mm, will enable the user to change the length of the damper. Dampers are black plated rather then painted for extra durability.

[ 2. 15 Level Adjustment ]
The 15 level adjustment corresponds to variety of racing stages, from mountain roads to circuits. Adjustment is easy with its click adjusting dial. The dial is located either on the upper shaft for regular dampers or on the lower shaft for inverted dampers. This damper is also designed for town use; hence, dampening setting ranges from hard (+4kg/mm) to soft (-4kg/mm).

[ 3. Single tube type shell case ]
Unlike visual based cartridge damper, adoption of the single tube shell case enables the use of wishbone type 46 and strut type 36. This leaves an extra space for larger pistons. Also this change allows for better heat dissipation, which prevents performance deterioration from hard runs. Special steel and anti-friction components are used to minimize friction.

[ 4. Specialized Pillow-Upper Mount ]
Application of the upper pillow upper mount allows you to have greater handling response, by minimizing upper chassis movement. Caster adjustment allows the correction of camber for further tuning ability. Caster adjustment plates are not included on all applications.

[ 5. Spring seat / lock seat ]
Each single full rotation equals 2mm drop. The adjusting locking seat allows for spring stress to adjust with out the necessity to change suspension position.

[ 6. Original spring ]
Tremendous enhancement in durability resulted from a high quality surface processing. Constant testing resulted in a perfect spring rate for each application.