This product has been discontinued by Bride Japan and is no longer available for purchase. The product page has been left intentionally for reference purposes.

An exclusive competition super racing model which uses the LOWMAX system

The seating surface of the MAXIS III is the deepest profile available in Bride's lineup. This profile allows for the lowest possible seating position as well an ergonomic feel that is unrivaled anywhere. Despite the large side supports, the LOWMAX system allows for the seat to be installed in sports and race cars with tight headroom. This design also provides remarkable rigidity, seen especially in it's performance against twisting.

Though the MAXIS III boasts the highest support and stability, the pressure against your body is distributed evenly throughout the entire structure. This allows for the least possible amount of fatigue to be experienced, especially in long races at high speeds - allowing the driver to focus entirely on driving, extracting the best possible performance.

The MAXIS III is a FIA-compliant model.