BattleCraft Hyper Race Nut 00R (12x1.25mm)
BattleCraft Hyper Race Nut 00R (12x1.25mm) BattleCraft Hyper Race Nut 00R (12x1.25mm) BattleCraft Hyper Race Nut 00R (12x1.25mm) BattleCraft Hyper Race Nut 00R (12x1.25mm)

Sold in packages of (x4) nuts. Please purchase accordingly to complete (x16) or (x20) nut set.

The latest race lug nut on the market, the Hyper Race Nut is forged from Ti 6AI-4V (Grade 5) titanium alloy. This titanium alloy is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, good fatigue resistance, low thermal expansion, low modulus of elasticity, as well as excellent corrosion and heat resistance (800°F+).

The 00R version is designed with an extended top section for ease of starting on wheel studs and will save you time when installing your lug nuts. The extended section has further been machined to reduce weight and provide finger grip, especially while gloves. Most importantly, the machining purpose is for styling. The 00R is designed with 23mm of thread engagement and an extra-wide lug seat for positive torque clamping. This version pairs well with standard length or extended wheel studs with its open-end design. The BattleCraft "B" logo is laser etched on each lug. Each lug nut weighs approximately 20 grams and is offered in raw race finish.

Please note: titanium (low) vs. steel (high) heat expansion rates differ and even different grades of wheel studs will differ in expansion rates. Use of high-grade wheel studs is strongly encouraged. In race environments, lug nuts should be re-torqued before each session/heat cycle. For endurance racing, we recommend utilizing a traditional steel lug nut where lightweight is not as important as thermal dynamics.