BattleCraft "Hold Fast" Hyper Teardrop
BattleCraft "Hold Fast" Hyper Teardrop BattleCraft "Hold Fast" Hyper Teardrop
Some days you wake up and you feel it; an unexplainable wave of sadness, an unsettling hit of negative energy. For some of us, it happens every few weeks or months; for others, it can be a constant struggle that rides with them every day.

Mental health affects more people than you think, and we’re in it with you. We gathered all of our Hyper Teardrops that didn’t pass quality control over the years and have given them a second chance at life. Each one, uniquely blemished in their own ways, has been acid dipped, sandblasted, re-anodized matte black, and laser engraved with new meaning.

The term “hold fast” is an old sailor phrase made popular by deckhands holding on to their ropes during their life-threatening adventures at sea. For us, it’s a reminder to hold fast to life and embrace the shit storms that hit us day in and day out. Never give up—let’s face those demons together.

In our fight together, we’ll be donating $25 from each knob sale to The Jed Foundation. They’re a non-profit we believe in, dedicated to protecting the mental health of young adults, working to get them past the toughest years of their lives. There are only 78 knobs available (in various thread pitches) and they will go live on March 15th, 2021 @ 7pm. Limit 1 per person.

We thank you all for your love and support over the years and hope this message reaches you like it has touched us.

//BattleCraft Team 🖤🖤