BattleCraft Creative Notebook
BattleCraft Creative Notebook BattleCraft Creative Notebook BattleCraft Creative Notebook

Write, scratch, sketch, draw - your ideas, your thoughts, your schematics, and diagrams. Track notes, product plans, to-do lists, and journaling for mental health. It’s time to get back and put pen to paper. We at BattleCraft have and forever will be a bit ANALOG with our ways, and in the realm of digital everything in our lives, we just can’t seem to get away from the basics.

Introducing, the BattleCraft Creative Notebook. 160 pages of THICK crisp DOTTED GRID Swedish Munken Kristal paper and 16 pages of G . F Smith color paper for anything you can possibly imagine. The open concept allows you to add page numbers and create a table of contents and organize the way it works for YOU. Outside, the durable HARD cover is tactile and CLOTH bound, with silver foil screen printed Crafty goodness. The unique LAY FLAT design begs you to keep it open on your workspace and ensures you never have to wrestle with a book that keeps wanting to close. Manufactured by MOO in the USA, there is not a single notebook that comes close to this quality.

Take note of how we do things here at BattleCraft and embrace your creative self. Includes BattleCraft sticker set.