ASR Revolver Rear Trailing Arm Bearing

The all new "ASR Revolver" rear trailing arm bushing provides you with a spherical style bushing with the simplicity of a 32mm Hollow Swaybar delrin bushing. You will no longer have unpredictable snap oversteer or unwanted alignment changes during braking, acceleration and cornering. All that is necessary is replacing the weak stock RTA bushings with the ASR Revolver.

The ASR Revolver's unique spherical bushing design provides the user with easy low cost maintenance allowing simple removal of the delrin "ball" if or when the unit wears out.

Installation is as simple as removing your stock RTA bushings and drilling 2 mounting holes that line up with the "ears" of the ASR Revolver. The bolts and nuts are then installed and you're new parts are ready for some track abuse!

*Fits 88-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra*


2 - RTA Housings

2 - Tab Shaft

2 - Delrin Ball Bushings

4 - Socket Flat Bolts

4 - M8 Serrated Nut