ASR Billet Rear Lower Control Arms

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ASR lower control arms are engineered with racing in mind. They are one of the most well thought out control arms on the market today, from the material used to operation under extreme conditions.

ASR uses U.S.A. made 6061-T6 grade aluminum to manufacture the lower control arm. This material is chosen for its malleable properties. It is similar to the material used on high performance racing wheels for its forgiving characteristics during impact. The unique recessed bushing prevents dust intrusion and offers a sleeker look. In addition, the precisely relocated end link mounting holes not only allows for multiple swaybar and end link combinations, but keeps the swaybar arm in optimum geometry. 

The polyurethane bushings are made with the highest grade materials available. They will hold up under all driving conditions; whether you car is a garage queen, daily driven or track abused, you can be assured our bushings will hold up. The billet aluminum bushing pins are also engineered for precision unlike the steel pins used by our competitors. The 2 piece pin design allows for uniform load throughout both bushings, allowing them to sustain higher loads without the risk of failure. Also there is an incorporated flange on the bushing pin to help retain it from backing out.

The cross triangle pattern is unlike any other on the market, the pattern is not the "cookie cutter" design where the control arm is as thick and cheap of a material someone can find and then punch some elementary shapes in.  Designed with load transfer in mind, ASR implemented the concept of "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" (for all you geeks out there). 

Every arm manufactured is inspected for quality and fitment.


2 - ASR lower control arms

12 - ASR bushing pins

12 - Energy Suspension Polyurethane Bushings

1 - Energy Suspension Grease

1 - Instructions


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