ASR 32mm Hollow Sway Bar Upgrade Kit

The ultimate swaybar upgrade kit for your street, track, or race vehicle. The ASR hollow bar offers the greatest tuning flexibility on the market and is entirely made in the U.S.A. This bar is a perfect upgrade if your existing swaybar is not providing enough rotation or is not responding to your liking.

The ASR hollow bar upgrade kit can be used only with the ASR subframe brace kit. This kit does not come with the ASR Subframe Brace Kit.* 

This upgrade kit has a standard .095" wall thickness; but, is also available in thicker wall sizes.

Bar Applications:

.095 Hollow Swaybar (Bumpy Track/Hi-Speed Course)

.120 Hollow Swaybar (Longer wheel base vehicle, Short Technical Course)

.188 Hollow Swaybar (Autocross/Mid-Speed Course)

.250 Hollow Swaybar (Autocross/Low-Speed Course)


1 - ASR Hollow Swaybar

2 - ASR machined aluminum arms

2 - ASR machined aluminum pillow block brackets w/ delrin ball bushings

2 - ASR machined aluminum shaft collars

*(Integra Type-R "DC2" owners do not need the ASR subframe brace to use this product)


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