AEM CDI Pencil Coil 4 Pack

AEM’s CDI Pencil coils are designed for converting distributed ignition system to a coil-on-plug (COP) system using either a CDI module or 4-Channel Coil Driver. Users can combine CDI Pencil Coils with a CDI module to replace their factory smart coils, or combine a CDI, AEM Engine Position Module and stand-alone programmable engine management system to convert from distributed ignition to COP.

Convert from distributed ignition to Coil On Plug

Increases spark energy – ideal for high boost, high RPM and high compression engines

Must be used with CDI module or Four Channel Coil Driver (two-wire CDI / Igniter compatible coil)

Compatible with all standard automotive spark plugs (including threaded tip style)

CDI Pencil Coil Kits include pencil coil(s), connector pin(s), pin lock(s) and weather seals