Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Systems
Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Systems Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Systems Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Systems Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Systems Tanabe Concept G Exhaust Systems
Advantex Performance Exhaust Technology
Advantex is a highly advanced muffler packing material that greatly excels over other packing material types such as a loose packed fiberglass mats and composites cube types.

Advantex internal packing material allows the muffler to reduce sound more, with lestaining extremely high flow charactrictics.

Straight Form, Mandrel Bent
Minimizing bends is a goal of each custom-built Tanabe exhaust system. The truest form is realized to minimize restrictions and maximize usable power gains. Where necessary, the piping is mandrel bent for improved exhaust flow characteristics.

Weight Reduction - 1.2mm Thinwall Piping
Specifically engineered for use on Tanabe exhaust systems, a piping wall diameter of 1.2mm was developed, which allows weight to be significantly reduced, while remaining durable for extended usage. The SUS304 piping also plays a role in sound output, as it reduces resonation and helps Tanabe systems produce their trademark low, deep tone.  

Weight Reduction - Hollow Exhaust Hanger
Because every bit of weight savings is beneficial, exhaust hangers have hollow construction to reduce weight.

Weight Reduction - Pressed Flanges
Further weight reduction is achieved and utilized through the use of a pressed SUS304 exhaust flanges on portions of the exhaust system. 

Highest Grade SUS304 Construction
Tanabe was one of the first Japanese aftermarket companies to create full SUS304 stainless steel exhaust systems many years ago. The highest grade SUS304 stainless is used on all systems for maximum durability, as well as light weight. 

Streetable System - 93db Compliant, Quality Sound
Tanabe exhaust systems are well known to have one of the most unique exhaust notes available. A trademark of the Tanabe exhaust system is the extremely clean, low, deep tone that is both pleasant and aggressive at all RPM ranges. Designed for motorsports, the exhaust system is also fully streetable and is built to be under 93db when used and installed as a factory replacement exhaust.