Mechadock Damper System 88-91 Civic

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Mechadock has a long standing reputation in the Japanese tuning world, especially when it comes to EF Civics. Having built several prolific EFs known throughout the world, Mechadock is constantly developing new parts for this platform.

The Mechadock Dampers are a full coilover system, produced by Exceed Japan. Similar to the Exceed SSD coilovers, however with Mechadock specific spring rates and damper valving.  

Each Mechadock damper features independent ride height adjust-ability, allowing you to fine tune ride height and preload separately. The aluminum upper mounts feature pillow ball bearings, ensuring that any and all chassis movement is transmitted directly to the damper. Damping adjustment is controlled by a knob on the top of each damper, with 32 settings.

Mechadock Dampers come equipped with 20kg/mm front springs and 16kg/mm rear springs, which is suitable for slick and semi-slick tires on a prepared surface. If you are interested in a street tire application, a softer spring rate and valving to match is available - please contact us for more information.