J's Racing Front Wing Spoilers for CRZ

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In the 2004 Super Taikyu racing series, over 80% of S2000s competing in Class 4 utilized the J's Racing Aero System. From the initial design phase, to constant development from the data gathered at each race the single primary objective has been maintained - to win races. 

Every J's Racing aerodynamic component shares the same goals: cooling is improved, downforce added and lift reduced. In racing series where aerodynamic enhancements are limited, each individual component must be absolutely maximized in it's aerodynamic qualities. The J's Racing CRZ front wing spoilers are no exception, the drastic aesthetic appeal aside - downforce is maximized while reducing drag, cooling is also improved by channeling even more air into the bumper openings. 

The J's Racing Type S Aero System Front Wing Spoiler for CRZ is constructed of FRP.