HYBRID RACING K20Z3 Upper Coolant Neck Adapter

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Hybrid Racing K20Z3 upper coolant neck adapter was designed for 2006-2011 8th Gen Civics or K-Swap owners who need to modify or improve the function and form of their car’s cooling system. It boasts full 6061-T6 aluminum construction, lending it a strong and lightweight design along with a clean appearance that will put your OEM coolant housing to shame. The kit’s modular design allows the user to configure it to their exact setup.

The base kit includes the plate, radiator outlet and necessary plugs.

The optional fittings kit includes heater outlet fitting, stainless bracket, idle air control valve hose and nipple.

Eliminate The Cast OEM housing (8th Gen and K-Swap Chassis)

Do you need to make room for a new turbo kit? Want to clean up your bay for a clean tucked look? The Hybrid Racing coolant neck adds that final touch to your already tucked engine bay eliminating the large and bulky OEM housing while giving you extra room for activities.

Run AN Coolant Lines (8th Gen and K-Swap Chassis)

The use of AN and O-Ring Boss fittings for all connections allows you to use AN lines for your radiator, heater core, and throttle body if you wish. The -16 ORB port comes standard and we offer an optional custom radiator hose adapter designed to fit the stock or aftermarket silicone radiator hoses. If you’re running a custom radiator with AN ports, this kit makes it a breeze to attach your AN hose to the head with just a standard -16 AN/ORB union. A -10AN port for the heater core inlet allows the user to keep or block off the coolant supply line to the heater core. Also, an additional -8AN port allows the user to keep or block off the coolant supply to the throttle body. The standard kit comes with plugs for the -10AN and -8AN ports. If you wish to use the heater core or throttle body parts, select "With heater and throttle body attachment fittings" on the drop down menu above.

Bleed Your Coolant System! (K-Swap Chassis)

One easily overlooked, but amazingly useful feature on this kit is the bleeder port on the top of the unit. A very simple design but very effective port - a few turns of an allen wrench opens the port and allows excess air to be bled from the coolant passages in the head. This is a great option on K-Swaps where the head is higher than the radiator, which can make proper coolant bleeding difficult. If you have a K-Swap you know how useful this can be!

Stop The Leaking (8th Gen and K-Swap Chassis)

One big problem that is widely seen plaguing aftermarket cooling system and fuel system components is leakage. Because many manufacturers choose to use NPT threads to create seals, customers are often stuck with parts that leak, even if it’s just the occasional drop. Hybrid Racing's goal is OEM reliability with increased performance. With that in mind, only AN and O-ring Boss connections are used on all components in this kit, to ensure leak-free use and easy installation.

Whether you’re looking to just clean up your engine bay or you need an easy way to block off your heater or run AN lines to your radiator, this coolant port adapter from Hybrid Racing has you covered!