Hawk Street Race Brake Pads (Front)

The racers never ending goal for greatness, the art of perfection is now complemented by the latest in technology. Racing technology continues to find its way to the street, and Hawk Performance has found a way to make you get closer to that goal!

This was the motivation behind the development of the new Hawk High Performance Street/Race compound. Hawk built for you to go racing on it. Dive into the next tight corner, brake later and edge past your competition, but don't put it on a trailer after you lapped the field, take your helmet off and drive to your celebratory dinner. The new Street/Race compound from Hawk Performance truly gives you that ability.

The trend of using a street car in competition increases every year and competitors are always demanding more, they are always looking for an edge over the competition. The new Hawk High Performance Street/Race brake pad compound provides that edge and provides it in spades; it is the ultimate high performance, street brake pad! Perfect for aggressive street car owners that also use their cars for autocross, HPDE, open track and time trail racing. High Performance Street/Race pads feature Hawk’s mechanical (bond) retention system (MRS), slotted friction, hot bond shim, and pad chamfer that improve the vehicle handling, safety and driver confidence. It performs flawlessly at all temperatures and operating temperatures range from 100-1200F with superior torque while providing a consistent feel and characteristics.

Using decades of engineering and technology from racing programs, the Hawk Performance team cross engineered the new Street/Race compound. The pad provides a smooth, consistent brake pedal feel while still proving superior brake rotor grab. The High Performance Street/Race pad is designed to perform consistently in temperatures up to 1200°F while still maintaining great pedal feel.

Hawk Street Race front pads are available for the following applications:

Accord (1.8L) 84-85
Civic DX (1.5L) 88-95
Civic CX/VX (1.5L) 92-95
Civic (1.6L) 96-00
Civic EX 1990
Civic LX (1.5L) 88-93
Civic Si 89-90 & 92-93
Del Sol 93-97
CRX DX 88-90
CRX SI 88-89

Integra GS 97-01
Integra GSR/LS 94-01
Integra RS 94-98
Integra Special Edition 95-96

CL (2.2L/2.3L) 97-99
Honda Accord Sedan (10th Annual) 1993
Accord Sedan (25th Edition) 1996
Accord DX/LX 91-98
Accord EX (4-Cyl/V6) 95-98
Accord SE Sedan 1991
1993 & 95-98
Accord SE Coupe 95-98
Accord Sedan (Value Package) 95-98
Civic DX/LX 01-08
Civic EX 96-08
Civic GX 01-06
Civic HX 01-05
Civic Mugen Si 2008
Civic Si 99-00, 02-03 & 2008

Acura RSX Type-S 02-06
Honda Civic 06-16
S2000 00-09