Hawk HP Plus Brake Pads (Front)

Hawk Performance’s HP Plus brake pad compound is ideal for Autocross and Track Day drivers looking for a high performance race compound that can take the heat of the track and get you home safely without having to change the pads.

HP Plus utilizes a unique Ferro-Carbon, high-tech friction material that was developed and manufactured for sport driving in autocross, Solo II and “track day” applications. The Ferro-Carbon formulation offers lower wear rates and higher torque values than other competitive materials.

Extremely high coefficient of friction makes HP Plus the perfect upgrade over stock for high performance streetcars used in autocross competition or that experience repetitive, heavy braking.

All Hawk Performance HP Plus / Autocross brake pads provide a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring products to be free of defects from manufacturer’s workmanship and materials.

Hawk HP Plus front pads are available for the following applications:

Honda CRX Si 90-91
Civic Wagon (4WD) 88-91

3.0CL 97-99
Integra Type-R 97-01
Legend GS 94-95
Legend L/LS 91-95
Legend SE 1995
NSX 91-05
RL 96-98
TL 95-98
Vigor 92-94
Honda Accord LX/EX Wagon (4-Cyl/V6) 91-97
CR-V (2.0L) 97-01
Odyssey 95-98
Prelude 97-01
Prelude VTEC 93-96.

Accord (1.8L) 84-85
Civic DX (1.5L) 88-95
Civic CX/VX (1.5L) 92-95
Civic (1.6L) 96-00
Civic EX 1990
Civic LX (1.5L) 88-93
Civic Si 89-90 & 92-93
Del Sol 93-97
CRX DX 88-90
CRX SI 88-89

Integra GS/LS/RS 90-93,
Integra GSR 92-93,
Legend 86-90
Honda Accord SEi 1989
Civic EX Sedan 1991
Civic EX 92-93
Prelude Si 88-91

Integra GS 97-01
Integra GSR/LS 94-01
Integra RS 94-98
Integra Special Edition 95-96

CL (2.2L/2.3L) 97-99
Honda Accord Sedan (10th Annual) 1993
Accord Sedan (25th Edition) 1996
Accord DX/LX 91-98
Accord EX (4-Cyl/V6) 95-98
Accord SE Sedan 1991
1993 & 95-98
Accord SE Coupe 95-98
Accord Sedan (Value Package) 95-98
Civic DX/LX 01-08
Civic EX 96-08
Civic GX 01-06
Civic HX 01-05
Civic Mugen Si 2008
Civic Si 99-00, 02-03 & 2008

Acura RSX Type-S 02-06
Honda Civic 06-16
S2000 00-09

CL 01-03
RL 99-04
TL Type-S 02-03
TL (3.2L Non-Brembo) 99-08
TSX 04-08
Honda Accord EX (V6 M/T) 03-07
Accord EX (3.5L/V6) 08-09

Acura RSX (Base) 03-06
and Honda Civic Si 04-05
Civic Hybrid 03-08
Fit 07-08

Acura TL Type-S 07-08