Gear X K-series Close Ratio Gear Set


Gear-X gear sets are widely used in both professional and grassroots motor sports, regarded as the best "bang for the buck" brand due to the the extremely high quality manufacturing and very competitive pricing. Changing gear sets is a very effective way to tune your tranmission for competition use, any Gear X gear set will completely transform the acceleration and torque delivery properties of your car.

The Gear X K-series Close Ratio gear set is designed as a drop in replacement kit, and suitable for race prepared K20 and K24 applications where very close ratios are beneficial.

Kit consists of:
1 custom main shaft
4 custom main shaft gears
6 counter shaft gears.

Recommended final drive with this gear set is 5.06 or 5.08.

1st 2.313 -  29% taller than FD2/FG2/FA5/DC5/EP3/CL7/CL9 

2nd 1.650 -  23% taller than FD2/FG2/FA5/DC5/EP3/CL7,
                     12% taller than CL9 

3rd 1.304 -  14% taller than FD2/FG2/FA5/DC5/EP3/CL7,
                    4% shorter than CL9

4th 1.080 - 6% taller than FD2/FG2/FA5/DC5(USDM)/EP3(USDM)/CL7,
                  11% taller than DC5 (ITR)/EP3 (CTR),
                    5% shorter than CL9

5th 0.958 -  4% shorter than FD2/FG2/FA5/DC5(USDM)/EP3(USDM)/CL7,
                    1% shorter than DC5 (ITR)/EP3 (CTR),
                   14% shorter than CL9

6th 0.851 - 13% shorter than FD2/DC5(USDM)/EP3(USDM)/CL7,
                     8% shorter than DC5 (ITR)/EP3 (CTR),
                    23% shorter than FG2/FA5/CL9.