Gear X B-series Dog Engagement Gear Set

Gear-X gear sets are widely used in both professional and grassroots motor sports, regarded as the best "bang for the buck" brand due to the the extremely high quality manufacturing and very competitive pricing. Changing gear sets is a very effective way to tune your tranmission for competition use, any Gear X gear set will completely transform the acceleration and torque delivery properties of your car, this is the pinnacle of road race transmission products offered by Gear X for B series powered vehicles.

This is considered the "Extreme road race kit" and is best suited for track purposes. 
All gears are straight cut with dog engagement, FIA homologated ratios and available with the following custom final drives: 5.5, 4.8, 4.5, 4.4, 4.2, 4.3, 4.0.

1st  2.428 25% taller than ITR/B16/GSR/LS

2nd 1.813 14% taller than ITR/B16/GSR/LS

3rd 1.424  2% taller than ITR/B16,
                  5% shorter than GSR,
                 11% shorter than LS

4th 1.174 6% shorter than ITR/B16,
                12% shorter than GSR,
                18% shorter than LS

1.000 15% shorter than ITR/B16,
                 21% shorter than GSR,
                 29% shorter than LS

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