Circuit Hero Rear 2-Point Strut Tower Bar

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Circuit Hero strut bars are designed with two horizontal steel bars tying each shock tower together. Bars are then welded together with no pivoting parts for maximum chassis rigidity. This will stop your car from flexing during track events as well as during casual spirited driving.

Bars come in raw mild steel and stainless steel. Circuit Hero left the mild steel RAW for customers that like to paint, powder coat, or plate the bars themselves to individually match their car. If you are purchasing the raw version it will have some rust on it and Circuit Hero recommends that you have it treated as soon as possible.

Circuit Hero manufactures these strut tower bars with extremely tight tolerances. With such tight tolerances, the overall condition of your vehicle’s unibody chassis may or may not affect the ease of installation. Due to general wear and tear or high horsepower chassis flex or accident, the installation can be very difficult.


- Honda Civic EG/EK, Acura Integra DC