Bride EXAS III Sport-C

The EXAS III is a fixed bucket seat with a compact design for car models with tight interiors. The same functionality as the standard ZETA III with a compact design

The EXAS III is a model which makes the shoulder support of ZETA more compact. ZETA has been tuned with all motorsports scenes in mind to be BRIDE's standard fixed bucket seat model.

The EXAS III features a design with the shoulder support part, which takes up the most width, as compact as possible to make it suitable for even small car models with tight interiors such as light cars. Other than the shoulder support, the design is the same as ZETA, so it achieves high stability and support even with the compact shoulder section.
Anti-slip buckskin is also applied to the shoulder support to increase holdability.
Same as the ZETA, it features a narrowed-down waist line and stitched ornament on the shoulder support

The EXAS III Sport C is designed for the economical racer, available only in black fabric with an FRP shell.