Advan RG-D
Advan RG-D Advan RG-D Advan RG-D
-High Quality case one-piece, 6 spoke design
-Cast and flow-formed inner rim
-Both standard deep and extra deep for each inch size. The extra deep is reverse mount type
-Features Advan Racing Logo 1mm height between each spoke using a 3D finisher after painting
-Advan Racing RG-D logo decals on spokes are included

The outer rim is designed as deep as possible, and the spokes feature enough curve to provide the necessary caliper clearance and inset. During the development of the new RG-D wheel, this concept was extracted and honed to the ultimate. The six spokes cleared exceeded previous strengh standards, giving the new wheels a platform from which to showcase their strong characteristics. The bold design of the new RG-D spokes matches the deep rim in a superb balance that puts together an amazingly appealing form. The RG-D spokes look flatter than that of the RS-D wheels, which preceded RG-Ds into the market, even keeping the necessary caliper clearance.